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Agra Dhana


Trans Motor

Trans Motor

Trans Motor is a web administration platform that facilitates the management of motorbike sales and purchases for companies. This platform provides easy access to view and manage available motorbike stock, as well as record sales and purchase transactions to customers. Apart from that, this platform also provides related report preparation services, such as purchase reports and profit and loss reports.



Jova Software has been trusted to be a partner in developing the Roxit GYM application for the Android and iOS platforms. This application provides an extraordinary experience for gym members with advanced features. With this application, members can access a complete class schedule, including loop cycle, grove zone, and pilates.This allows them to better plan their exercise routines. Apart from that, this application also provides online personal trainer services and a gym facility booking system to provide a more organized and efficient experience for members.

Trust One

Trust One

Trust One is a website that focuses on consulting services related to taxes and bookkeeping for individuals and businesses. This website is designed with the aim of providing information regarding licensing processes such as Making Deeds & NIBs, Processing Certificates, and Trademark Registration. Apart from that, various types of tax services such as Tax Consultation & Planning, Tax Administration, Annual SPT, and bookkeeping services are also available through this website offered by the company.

Boss Botol

Boss Botol

Boss Botol is a platform that specifically provides various types of alcoholic drinks, ranging from wines & Champagnes, Whiskeys, Vodkas, Gins, Tequilas, Rums, to Beer & Mixers. The main focus of this website is to make it easy for users to find, choose and purchase their favorite drinks through the online platform provided. With an intuitive layout and easy navigation, Bottle Boss is here to meet the needs of users looking for a more enjoyable beverage shopping experience.

Groow Apps Preview
Groow Apps

Jova Resto Restaurant Cashier Application Order In One Service!

Impress your Restaurant Diners with a sophisticated and fast way of taking orders

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Aplikasi Akutansi Cloud Terbaik

A cloud-based accounting system that can make it easier for you to record, manage and analyze and monitor your business finances.
Logo Jova Pos

Jova Pos

Aplikasi Kasir Bisnis Anda

Aplikasi Kasir Bisnis Anda

Cashier system for retail, clothing, grocery and other businesses according to your needs. This system makes it easier for you to carry out transactions, product management, stock management, employee authorization and purchases from suppliers.

Transaction data is presented in real time.

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